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TwoPages Curtains

TWOPAGES is one of the top 3 selling Amazon custom curtain sellers in the US & Canadian market. Before the owner reached out to us, they were mainly focusing on the Amazon growth. However, the brand was limited by Amazon and it was hard to keep its customers engaged.

With that in mind, TWOPAGES worked with us to revamp its website to give it a new look. We are now working with TWOPAGES to continue driving growth. Our goal is to get 100K per month in revenue in 2022.

Service type:

Overall redesign + custom coding

Marketing: SEO/SEM, Loyalty Program, Influencer Marketing


▪ Shopify theme: Impulse

▪ Email marketing plugin: Shopify Email

▪ Review plugin: Reviews - Review Importer

▪ Other plugins: Discount Cart, Globo Color Swatch, UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, Variant Options: Product Option



​● The store needs extensive customization especially for the collection page & product page.

● People have a hard time deciding on what size of the curtain should they purchase (curtain measurement) which results in low conversions.

​● We need to showcase different curtain materials in an organized & informative way.

​● The brand requires an updated brand guideline to keep all social media presence consistent with the branding


1. Custom Quiz 

We developed a custom quiz based on what curtain shape customers are looking for.


This way, by simply going through the quiz, the customers can get a result of what is the right measurement they should order in 2 mins. We listed this page in the main navigation as well as the product page to improve the store's sales conversion. 

2. Overall Redesign

▪ We offered 3 different brand guidelines based on our market research and decided on the current branding colours together with the client. The key is to create a warm & minimalistic environment for the target audience (mostly women). 

▪ Adjusted the resolution of images, created more content on different pages especially the brand story page

▪ Performed compatibility tests throughout devices

3. Collection Page & Sub-Collection Page

▪ We first spent a good amount of time in understanding the product catalogs and soon realized that customers usually shop the curtains by the materials (i.e. cotton, linen, etc.) 

▪ We created landing pages for each of the materials so that customers can understand the differences 

▪ Within the sub-collections, they could select the specific curtain they want to explore


4. Conversion-focused Design

▪ Earlier before our engagement, TWOPAGES online sales are mainly from its Amazon customers who have purchased the curtains before and found them on Google. However, we are running Google Ads and optimizing for better SEO for them. There are more cold traffic. Social proof is key to TWOPAGES's success

▪ We imported reviews from other platforms for TWOPAGES as well as connecting the Instagram feed to its home page. As well, we collaborated with an influencer who's been a loyal customer of TWOPAGES to design a special curtain prints collection. All of these contribute to convince the cold traffic that this is a trustworthy site.

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