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Hexago is a leading distributor to businesses throughout North America specializing in professional heaters and fans for factories and residential homes. The business has been supplying its products to Walmart, Wayfair and Amazon before the owners came to us to redesign the Shopify site and gave it an upgrade.


Service type:

Overall redesign + custom coding


▪ Shopify theme: Warehouse

▪ Email marketing plugin: Mailchimp

▪ Review plugin: Ryviu: Aliexpress Review

▪ Other plugins: Bulk Discount Code generator, Metafields Guru, Pagefly Landing Page Builder, Privy - Popups, Quick Announcement Bar

Hexago Mockup (3).png


​● The customer has many requirements for customizing pages, and functions and layouts that cannot be realized by existing templates need to be realized through programming.

● The website needs to be completed before Hexago participates in the electrical exhibition, the time is tight, the task is heavy, and the products and information to be displayed at the exhibition need to be updated

​● The specification introduction part of product details needs to be uploaded manually, which is time-consuming

​● The theme of the website and some plug-ins in use may have compatibility problems, which will affect the interface layout, product information synchronization, and jump speed.


1. Update Site Structure

▪​ Adjusted website layout, move seasonal products to the front row

▪ Updated Banner information as required to promote the show

▪ Uploaded new products, delete discontinued products, update existing product pictures, specifications, inventory, SKU, SEO and other information

▪ Made sure the site layout is perfectly adapted to different devices

2. Product Page Optimization

▪ Product page adds custom button via coding to link to bulk order interface

▪ Added a function where the pre-sale button would show when the product is out of stock through a Shopify app

▪ Updated the specification tables for each products

3. Custom Pages

Through our partner app Pagefly, we added the following custom pages according to the brand's  needs:

▪ Brand Story

▪ Member registration login

▪ Feedback Page

▪ Recruitment Page

▪ Product Manual Download Center

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