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Banner Recreation 

Banner Recreation is a Canadian local outdoor sports equipment provider with 3 retail locations in BC. The website not only needs to sell its own products, but also needs to list products from other outdoor sports suppliers they work with (more than 10K SKUs). Most importantly, it needs to integrate with its POS system seamlessly.

We designed a bespoke Shopify website for Banner that can tackle the above difficulties. We are working with the brand to continue providing maintenance & optimization support.


Warehouse Theme



Website launch, coding customization, on-page SEO optimization, speed optimization


Shop chat function: Tidio

Order Tracking: Parcel Panel

​Form Builder: Form Builder with File Upload

Site Mockup (4).png


​● Many well-known outdoor brands are suppliers of Banner Rec, and the store needs to allow customers to easily search for products by brand

● The total number of SKUs in the store is more than 10,000. It is difficult to organize back-end product info and tags

​● The filter function of the collection page requires coding customization to make it easy-to-use for the audience


1. Advanced Search Function

We fully utilized the product tags in the Shopify background to prepare for the filter setting of the collection page. With the help of liquid coding customization and a filter app, the search function required by the client was completed successfully.

2. Brand Positioning

After conducing research on other outdoor brands, we proposed 3 branding guidelines for the client to choose from, and we decided on a direction that can highlight the spirits of outdoor sports as well as match the existing logo of Banner.

3. Inventory Management

We used Shopify's "Location" setting to connect the online store inventories with the 3 retail locations. As well, we helped Banner connect the Shopify store to the existing POS system to ensure an up-to-date inventory.

We also recommended using the "Local Pickup" function to the client to improve the store conversion rate.

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