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Mr Musichead

Established in June of 1998, Mr Musichead was the first institution in Los Angeles devoted exclusively to the art and visual history of music. The gallery started as a 200 square foot storefront in the heart of the Melrose Shopping District.

The offline location of Mr Musichead collects and displays music related art work, photography exhibitions, and signings; while the Shopify store offers its customers a way to shop the collections online and make event reservations.


Scope of Work:

Migration to Shopify, Store Design Optimization, Custom Programming


▪ Shopify theme: Symmetry

▪ Email marketing plugin: Klaviyo

▪ Reviews plugin: Stamped Product Reviews

▪ Other plugins: Afterpay, Event Calendar, Ship, Rate and Track

Site Mockup (4).png


​● The original website was built with html, and there were frequent bugs and it was difficult to use

● The layout of the website was too busy. It was hard for the customers to find products given how large the catalog is. Major adjustments need to be made along with the migration of the customer lists

● Some assets had low resolution such as banners and product images


1. Website Design Optimization

▪ The original branding guideline was followed but we focused on optimizing the design for better store sales conversion

▪ Added pages such as Blog, About Us, etc. to make the website more complete while keeping the design elegant and simple

▪ Compatibility tests: multiple QA tests were done before launching to ensure the website functions well especially on mobile

2. More Organized Product Display

▪ Added product filters to offer customers a way to find product faster according to their needs and improve the customer shopping experience

▪ Set up collections and sub-collections to organize products by music types & artists.

3. Improve the Visual Elements Quality

▪ Improved the resolutions of images on the website

▪ Designed a banner that matches the style of the website

▪ Made sure all parts of the website have a consistent style and follow the overall branding

4. Conversion Focused

▪ Integrated Klaviyo email marketing app with Shopify to retain existing customers with a goal of achieve 30% of the sales from email campaigns

▪ Installed sales-converting plug-ins such as the review app to build trust with the audience; after-sales plug-ins such as Parcel Panel to improve the customer experience without additional input from Mr Musichead 

▪ Working with the client to optimize SEO using on-page SEO & backlink building

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