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Goodbye Gravity

Goodbye Gravity is loungewear for Indian women. Offers a natural, breathable, breathable fabric that ensures pleasant comfort and dreamy softness.

Having already owned an offline store, Goodbye Gravity hopes to expand the broader market through a simple and fully functional online store, which is convenient for regular customers to shop at home.


Service type:

Overall redesign + custom coding


▪ Shopify Theme: California

▪ Email marketing plugin: Klaviyo

▪ Reviews plugin: Loox Product Reviews

▪ Other plugins: Pagefly Landing Page Builder, Product Search Bar and Filters, Return Prime: Order Return, Wishlist Hero, Order Cancellable, Flexify: Facebook Feed

Site Mockup (4).png


​● There are many customization requirements on product pages and product lists. Functions and layouts that cannot be implemented by existing templates need to be implemented through coding.

​ Requires Affiliate Marketing App


1. Optimize the overall layout of the website

▪​ Seize the concept of comfort in home clothes, simplify the layout, select life-like pictures, and create a sense of relaxation

▪ The homepage is mainly composed of banners, featured products, featured albums, and blogs

▪ The category of home wear has been refined, so the navigation does not set specific album classification, but directly classifies it as a large album, which is classified by product filter (filter)

▪ Unify website fonts, gaps, title length, image order, image aspect ratio, and improve the clarity of image display and other details.

2. Adjust product classification

▪ Sort all products by product filter, which can be filtered by product price, material, size, design, etc.

▪Select the product size and add it to the shopping cart for quick shopping

3. Customize multiple function pages

▪ Create a dedicated "Care Center" page that integrates all customer service functions, such as returns and exchanges, inquiries about logistics status, size charts, etc.

▪ Customize the About Us interface, describe the brand story through rich and logical sections, attract people to read and increase customer loyalty

▪ Create a page to collect and display customer reviews


4. Promote conversion

▪ Conduct automated email marketing, reach high-intent potential customers through email, and make the conversion rate of email marketing reach 20-30%;

▪ Install practical plug-ins, such as review plug-ins to import real evaluations from other platforms, to provide customers with an intuitive reference, and to strengthen trust and loyalty; after-sales plug-ins and logistics query plug-ins allow customers to obtain the information they need by themselves, making the shopping experience smoother unhindered.

▪ Optimize Facebook feed.

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