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Lindsay find herself always throwing away lots of plastic and paper gift wrappings during the holiday season. It is such as waste! She came up with the idea of creating a high-quality sustainable gift box brand, Nemylu, to turn the box itself into a gift.

During our Shopify design process, we wanted to give the website that minimalistic look just as the product itself. 

Work of Scope:

Brand launch, theme customization, domain connection (IP-redirecting), on-page SEO




Email Automation: Klaviyo

Email popup: Privy

NemyLu Mockup.png


  • ​Showcase a warm and family-oriented branding with limited assets

  • Build trust with the audience without any existing reviews from other platforms (new brand launch)

  • Inventory management: the client is using different fulfillment methods in USA and Canada

  • IP Redirecting: we want to re-direct any traffic from Canada to the Canadian site. At that time, Shopify hasn't announced the Shopify Markets function


1. Minimalistic Design

The number of SKUs of the brand is small, and the product itself advocates protecting the environment and reducing packaging waste, so it is particularly important to follow a minimalist style in design. We've chosen a warm colour palette and kept the design simple yet easy to navigate.

2. Two markets. Two URLs

When we prepared NemyLu with the go-live, Shopify had not yet launched this new feature "Shopify Markets" to help merchants better use one store to enter the international markets.

Therefore, we have used two stores and two domain names to manage the inventory separately. Having a local Canadian domain name is also helpful for SEO optimization.

3. Trust Building

The founder Lindsay often shares her story behind the brand on social media, so we used an app to connect the business's Instagram feed to the homepage, allowing audience to check their Instagram feed directly from the home page. This adds more social proof to the brand if a new customer visits the site.

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