Our Story

We are now a proud Shopify Partner

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Our Mission

Not only a service provider

Instead of only viewing ourselves as a service provider, we want to grow with you and your brand. You can rely on us to treat your brand like our own.

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Agency Mission - Studio X Webflow Template

We've worked with more than 400 brands

​See how we help other brands launch and grow on Shopify

Empowering entrepreneurs

We look forward to help your Shopify brand

4.9 High Rating

We earned a high rating of 4.9 throughout all platforms including Google, Upwork and TrustPilot from working with 400+ brands.

We respect your budget

We propose a flat fee before we start. If we decide to go with an hourly based project, we will propose the approximate hour spent.

Experience as store owner

We pride ourselves on having first-hand experience as e-commerce brand owners.

Full service agency

After the Shopify design / overhaul, we'd love to work with you long term and grow your brand together.

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